Paid Search

Paid Search Programs

Kingfisher Agency offers paid search marketing programs directly through the Google Display Network, Yahoo/ Bing and MSN.  As a Google Engage Agency, our staff attend training to insure we have strong insights to evolving strategies and opportunities designed to lift response to paid search advertisements.

As part of our core philosophy, we develop paid search strategies designed to assist a client’s core website traffic, so no mirror site nor proxy server is used. Based on a client’s needs and desires our PPC programs can be designed to supplement organic search, to take advantage of seasonal or event driven opportunities, or as part of an overall online marketing program.

Landing Page Design and Conversion Testing

All our paid search programs launch with A/B split testing to maximize the learning and revenue opportunity for the client.  We also offer heat maps, mouse hover and mouse click testing to determine where your visitors are naturally going to take action.

Remarketing Expertise

96% of website visitors fail to take the action you desire upon their first visit. However, through remarketing, we build programs that develop a clear brand and offer awareness, uplifting marketing results by up to 75%.  Remarketing programs have the highest immediate return on investment for many client types.


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