Is your site a dead end?

Is your website a dead end?


I like web traffic, don’t get me wrong. Traffic that stumbles across your website because of a link or a good keyword play is always a good thing. However, if you are considering spending on pay per click (GoogleAds) or click through ads, – take a good look at how your website is performing before you bring out your check book. Make sure your site is not a dead end.

Knowing things are at a standstill

A good indication on whether your website delivers is your website bounce rate


A high bounce rate indicates that your customers are visiting and leaving. Think of it as window-shopping. They drifted past the window – but did not step inside. If they noticed the big phone number you have in your front window, they might call you later and this is ok. Make is a priority to establish where the people calling you heard about your business or found your number.

Where do I find my bounce rate?
If you have an analytics program installed on your site, you’ll find the information there.

If you don’t – your silver lining is that there are excellent options out there which cost nothing. Google Analytics is a good choice for those of you who are prepared to delve into online tutorials to interpret your data, or those who have marketing staff on hand. If you have a WordPress site, installing Google Analytics is as easy as installing a plug in.

My strongest recommendation goes to RhinoSEO. RhinoSEO screenshotAs its name suggests – Rhino integrates analytics with excellent SEO advice. Their website is a good place to go for tips and ideas about building up your web traffic.

They offer various levels of service – I utilize the marketer level for my clients, but if you’re starting out, a free plan may be all you need.

When your web traffic starts to deliver a regular stream of traffic and business, you can seamlessly upgrade for more tracking options. The other nice thing about Rhino is their analytics comes with advice on how to improve your statistics.

What bounce rate do I measure?

My recommendation here is to

  • Measure the bounce rate of your top landing pages.
  • Measure the bounce rate of your site overall.
  • Measure the bounce rate relative to the keywords that bring to your site.

Encourage flow through action

Your website visitors are looking for something – and it’s probably not to hear how great you are. They are most likely looking forward to solving a problem, get an idea, access a product or find a phone number. Your job is to help them get what they need in the most engaging way you can and start building a relationship with them.

Lucky for you – there’s help here too!

  • Work out what it is you want people to do when they arrive. You have 60 – 90 seconds to get them to do it. Grab their attention…
  • Put a short white paper or video together which gives 5 solutions to a problem your clients often face. Consider asking your visitors to subscribe to get it.
  • Offer a free trial of your service.
  • Tell them why they should become a fan on your Facebook Page or follow you. (Hint – it’s not because you’d like them to)
  • Tell them why they should sign up for a newsletter. Why should they – make sure you have something to offer. Assure visitors that their information is secure – make sure it is.
  • Play a short introductory video – showing what you do and the impact it has. Before and afters, meet the teams and listen to customer’s are most effective. Getting customers to rave about you makes newcomers wonder what they are missing.
  • In a non threatening quiz like formula, ask your visitors to answer some basic questions that create awareness and help them understand the value you might bring.

OK… so now you have made some changes to start prompting your visitors to think about clicking on your site and engaging with you! Congrats…take a month and see whether your changes have impact.

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